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is a recent high school graduate and aspiring college athlete

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Ayden Hector is a recent high school graduate and aspiring college athlete. Hector completed a successful academic and athletic career at Eastside Catholic High School in 2020, earning numerous accolades as both student and as defensive standout on the school’s varsity football squad.

Among the significant recognition earned by Hector his senior year include placement on the Eastside Honor Roll, an All American Bowl Man of the Year nomination, a multitude of all-area and all-state player honors and a spot on ESPN’s Top 300 Player list.

In addition to his many accomplishments as Eastside student athlete, Ayden Hector also stands out as an active member of the local community. From 2016 to 2020, Hector served as President of the student-led B.Box (Birthday Box), an organization working to make a positive impact in the lives of homeless teens across the area. During his leadership tenure, B.Box raised thousands of dollars and collected numerous items for homeless teens throughout the community.

During that same period, Ayden Hector also volunteered with such organizations as Tent City, an organization supporting the local homeless community, and Relay for Life, a fundraiser hosted by the American Cancer Society.

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Ayden Hector
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